Nemesis Playthrough 1.3

I’ve had my coffee, and am thinking I can handle typing and playing at more or less the same time. We can always hope. Kim pointed out to me that airdrops only supply the hex they drop in, so we choose 0114, the other two hexes are OOS. The attack in the south should have […]

Nemesis Playthrough 1.1

Time for the Empire to strike back. The British Empire. You know, I have no idea if anyone gets my cultural references. They’re more for me anyway! I’ll be very impressed if anyone gets the caption above! The Allies get to do what the Japanese did, although without Ambushes. There is one thing I want […]

Nemesis Playthrough 1.0

Here we are, ready to take on Nemesis for the first time! OK, it’s really the second time for me, but close enough. There’s the full map. The green part in the center is pretty much Burma, the mountains to the right are China, and the mountains to the left are India. The Japanese are […]

Nemesis – Basics Pt 4: QV and Imphal

I was going to discuss movement and other mechanical things, but I think it better to look at a couple of subsystems that have effects throughout the turn and are a bit harder to fully understand. After that, we will get directly into the game and cover the rest “inline”, including activations, movement, combat, etc. […]

Nemesis: Basics, Pt 3 – Counters

Now that we have a better understanding of some of the more complex elements of the game, we will move on to units. We’ll be discussing markers too, remember that Transporters are not units, they are instead Markers, as are Bunkers and Ambush counters. That said, we will start with the various types of units. […]