It’s been a long ride. A Boy Named Dug was a great blog site, but Blogger became too difficult to work with, especially with images, and their online support was atrocious, so I’ve moved to Bluehost and WordPress. And here we are.

The topics on this site will be very similar to those on ABND, focusing mostly on boardgames, board wargames and some commentary on the world. I will also be adding material on my musical activities and who knows what else.

A few notes on comments: I am not going to tolerate assholes or salespeople. If you’re going to get angry with me because I don’t like the con man you like to call your President, just walk away. I don’t want you reading anything I write anyway. Same goes for racists, misogynists, anyone who is cruel to animals, etc. If you want to make an insightful comment and have a conversation, we’ll get along fine. Otherwise, go start your own blog.

Finally, a quick note on the name, Letters From Area 21. There is a longstanding inside joke in my boardgames group based on an overenthusiastic bid I made in a game of Medici. About 15 years ago. As such, the number 21 is “sacred” to us. The Area part came about when I moved into a house with an awesome gaming space, and while no one in my group was able to come up with a great name, my wife nailed it in about three seconds. The .site part comes from a) anything called Area mumble-mumble is, when you get down to it, a site. Area 51, for example. And, b) nothing with eight characters or less is going to be easily available, and the .site suffix was the first one I found that would let me register it.

That’s all. The site is very barebones as I type this, I’m learning about the really confusing world that is web domains, even though I was a tech guy for quite a while and consider myself very good with interfaces. Eventually, it will all be good, so just enjoy the posts for now.

Here comes that ball, must be 2018…