First of all, I apologize profusely for not having photos, but given that Gloomhaven is so prone to spoilers, probably for the best.

Because we Gloomed the shit out of that Haven. Three times over two days. And it was glorious.

Our first game was with Tai, who had just arrived, Yori, and I’m pretty sure KenC. I will avoid spoilerly stuff, but let’s just say we were playing a scenario that becomes available right after the initial scenario pair at the Barrow, which I’d played once before with a group on our regular Tuesday night session but had lost. I took the Scoundrel, and immediately started hemorrhaging cards as I was pummeled mercilessly. To be fair, I chose a strategy intended to do some crowd control, and mostly just made the scenario go a whole lot faster. We established that we wouldn’t win around lunch time and did the usual grab all the loot and XP you can part.

Unfortunately, Yori lost interest after his first game. I suspect he was hoping for something more RPG oriented, and that’s fine. That said, Tai, KenC and myself tried it again, this time winning handily, although with different characters. Going from four to three can make a huge difference in some scenarios, we lost a full third of the monsters and didn’t worry about crowd control. We had the room in good shape quickly and it was an easy ride to shut it down for the win.

KenC went into this game curious about the hype, and Chris had actually predicted he wouldn’t like the game, but he loved it. Ken likes to make stuff happen just to see what falls out, and this game will frequently reward that approach. Plus, the characters are so varied and the ability card mechanism so engaging that I can see me playing this regularly for the next few years.

Thursday we took on one fork from the third scenario with Tai, KenR and Bryann, also recently arrived. It was KenR’s first game, and he enjoyed it immensely. We won that scenario as well, and now the story starts to really open up.

Like most evenings, I was pretty wasted mentally and so spent a bit of quality time with the Falcon, which Julie had been putting in time on. Thursday night was spent setting up for my Operation Mercury with Chris on the pool table upstairs, which turned out to be an excellent surface for a two map wargame with lots of extraneous displays. More on that later…

And of course, the Olympics. Despite being pretty sure my phone was on LTE, it turned out to be on Wi-Fi, and we were playing Fakin’ It. I was the Faker at one point, and while everyone else was getting their question or thing to do, I was trying to get my phone to stop stalling out. When the timer ran out, I finally got the button up to advance but everyone had done the thing they were trying to do, and then called me out since I’d reacted so slowly. Which was the fucking phone, not me trying to fake it. Very disappointing, and I go on record saying that the internet situation in that house is a problem. Turned out I had used the phone to allow a downloaded Prime movie to play, and the phone set itself back to wi-fi for me. I did not place.

Tune in later for my discussion about the Grand Tactical System and our learning game, and the hilarity that ensued!