RCGCon 2018 Thoughts

Another gaming retreat come and gone, and this one was a great one for a lot of reasons. Here’s my take on the different elements that made the retreat possible, and that were used to facilitate the retreat. Site Selection: Chris works his butt off on this part, and he does a good job. With […]

All The Gold Medals In The Wor

After a few weak attempts at decent meta games for our board game retreats (on my part, Chris B is quite good at this sort of thing), it seems I finally hit the money. The last time I had what I considered a successful meta game was at the very first Sunriver retreat, 20 years […]

Rip City Con Day 7/8

The last full day of the nanocon is always bittersweet. On the one hand, you’ve just had several fun days of gaming with great people, good food and drink, and tons of memories generated. On the other hand, it’s all about to come to an end. Of course, now that I’m 55 trips around the […]

My First ASL Tournament

I’ve been going up to BottosCon in Vancouver, B.C. for several years now. My good friend Rob Bottos runs this event, and he does a fantastic job. What I haven’t been as fond of in recent years is the sign-up process, which has an online registration component, but most of the time the registration is […]

The Great Boardgaming Group Retreat Metagame Hunt

My board gaming group has an annual weeklong retreat coming up. We’ve had metagames running in the past, mostly in the background, that have been fairly successful overall. Chris, who used to host at his place on the beach before they sold it, came up with really good ones, usually involving some sort of cryptocurrency […]

And The Ball Drops…

It’s been a long ride. A Boy Named Dug was a great blog site, but Blogger became too difficult to work with, especially with images, and their online support was atrocious, so I’ve moved to Bluehost and WordPress. And here we are. The topics on this site will be very similar to those on ABND, […]