Mom, I’m In Jail!

I like it here… IN JAIL!!! Somewhere, Don Was is spinning in his grave, but I’m stuck in the Washington County Courthouse waiting to get out of jury duty. To be clear, I’m not one of the cranks who thinks we have way too much government. I think government provides critical services that the private […]

You Can Never Have Too Many Falcons

A long, long time ago, in a galaxy far away, there was a Lego Star Wars Advent Calendar, and it had a tiny Millenium Falcon model in it… It was a cute little model, but there wasn’t much of what you’d call “detail. And so, a few years later, came a second Falcon… This Falcon […]

Rip City Con Day 6 – A Grand (Tactical) Affair

I’m always a bit amazed at how fast time goes at one of our group’s retreats. It seems you walk in the door, blink, and its nearly a week later when you open your eyes again. Of course, that phenomenon is accentuated when the game you’re looking forward to most is near the end of […]

RCG Con 2018 Preview

A long long time ago, in a galaxy far… Whoops, wrong crawl. It was 20 years ago today… Actually, that one is the right reference. Because it was 20 years ago in March that the Rip City Gamers had their very first session. Ho. Lee. Crap. And every year since, including that very year, RCG […]


After about ten hours of trying to figure out how to directly log in to WordPress, an exercise in frustration if there ever was one, I have finally gotten there. The problem was Bluehost hijacking the login process and WordPress not recognizing me directly. I was finally able to get in by creating a new […]