Nemesis – Welcome To The Jungle

Tired of yet another East Front wunderkind? Have you overinBulged over the holidays? Having another North AfreakOut? Maybe you need a theatre less travelled, one that has rarely been covered by a war-game. A game like: Nemesis: Burma 1944. Nemesis covers the last of the Japanese offensives in Burma, all aimed at driving to India […]

Blitz! – Final Thoughts

Wow, that was a long two months. Considering you could probably run through all six learning scenarios in two or three days, that tells you how much extra time is added because of blogging. You’re welcome. 😉 I’ve played several of the “non-monster” WW2 Grand Strategic games that have come out recently, from Cataclysm to […]

Blitz! – The Road To War

We’ve seen pretty much the whole game at this point, now it’s time to take a close look at the Variable Scenario Generator, known as Blitzing The Road To War (the Road from here on out for that particular mouthful). It’s a surprisingly quick and elegant way to play out the early part of the […]

Blitz! Scenario E Pt. 3 – WTF?!?

The Japanese begin their blitz phase with a bit of a surprise, the Marines have landed. In the Marianas! A lightning blow, largely delivered because of the largish lightning rod the Japanese put in Micronesia also called a Blockade. Here’s the game sitch: The Japanese goals need to change if they want their Co-Prosperity Sphere […]